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Leave behind sluggish solutions and flourish in the digital age
with our support, where efficiency meets excellence at every step.


One platform,
100+ features

Business Management

Calendar & Scheduling, Membership, Class

Branding & Engagement

Website builder, Automated message, Mobile App

Complete Form Kit & Builder

Intake Form, Check-In, Agreement, Questionnaire

Visualized Progress Tracking

Biometrics, Circumference, Strength, Conditioning

Client Vault

Memo hub, File Center, Progress photo,Workout log

Streamlined Training Plan

Professional exercise library, Workout & Program

And much more


New arrival

Web features,
Now on mobile

Trainer app available on

Full Functionality on the Go

Our mobile app mirrors the full features of our web platform. Manage and enhance your business anywhere, anytime — whatever you can do on the web, you can now do on mobile.

trainer app

Seamless User Experience

Our trainer app offers smoother, more intuitive mobile interactions, with certain high-frequency operations made even more convenient compared to the web platform.

trainer app

Flagship Feature

Your website,
Your brand

Save admin work, integrate all forms on your website

See how this works
form integrations


The true website builder tailored for trainers

webiste builder
See how to design your website

Craft like a designer with full
customization, exceptional flexibility—build
your website from blocks or elements

Everything is fully responsive

Focus solely on your online presence
while we automatically adjust to fit
every dimension.

Learn more
full responsive
webiste templates

150+ Stunning
Templates & Elements

From sleek & professional to vibrant & energetic, find the perfect online look to match the dynamism of your coaching style and capture clients' attention.

webiste templateswebiste templates

Key features highlight

Grow more,
Manage less

intelligent forms

Intelligent forms

Intake, check-in, agreement and questionnaire, all featuring expertly designed templates. Submissions auto-sync to system with just one tap, freeing you from manual data entry.

fastest training plan builder

Fastest training plan builder

Vast exercise library. Customize tracking fields, warm-ups, dropsets, supersets, tempo, and more with our versatile workout builder. Craft programs with our clean and time-saving interface.

easy scheduling

Easy scheduling

Industry’s first platform that integrate programmed workouts & classes, personalized trainer notes with schedules.

client management

Client management

Cover all client data, from progress photos to medical condition notes, with our journal, file center, and memo hub.

progress & compliance

Progress & compliance

Monitor all aspects of metrics, with each presented in line charts, bar charts, or list views for detailed analysis.

automated message

Automated message

Tailor messages with customizable templates and maintain full control over message automation enablement when triggered.

service management

Service management

Effortlessly differentiate client plans with our membership and class features, while showcasing diversity through customization.

team collaboration

Team collaboration

Invite team members, manage working hours, precise permission settings and handle multi-business under a single account.

Unmatched excellence

Why we are the best?

User friendly

user love the most 2023

Seamless Simplicity

Sleek and intuitive, our system provides a clean
UI, seamless workflows, and unmatched user-

user friendlyuser friendly




Impeccable client experiences

Sleek Client App

Available on iOS, Android, Web


No cap


Clients, Services, Programs at all plans


Trusted by fitness
trainers around world

trusted by fitness trainers

Made for trainers

Tailor to you business

made for trainers

Value for money

Save big with us

Cocast.fit is the ultimate software that
can replace a bunch of existing tools.

Other Fitness Trainer Software

Trainerize: $45, up to 15 clients


Website builder/Hire/Campaign

Squarespace: $23, personal plan


Form & Scheduling software

Google Sheets: $6 Calendly: $10 basic



$84/month for 15 clients
with only basic plans

  1. Streamline workflow from all aspects

  2. Build your digital brand

  3. All the features you can find in the
    market of personal trainer softwares


Starting at $3.9/month for unlimited
clients & robust features

Trainers at heart,
We’ve got you back.

We understand that effective training goes beyond workout plans and routines – it's about building trust, understanding individual goals, and providing personalized guidance. We've heard the frustrations of fitness trainers with clunky software solutions. That's why we decided to provide a modernized, tech-forward, and visually stunning software platform that's a breeze to use. We believe that fitness trainers deserve a software solution that reflects their expertise.

We firmly believe that fitness trainers deserve a modern, tech-forward, beautiful, and user-friendly software solution that truly reflects their expertise.


Next-Gen PT Software


Utilize Cocast.fit's advanced trainer
toolkit for exceptional business boost

proved results

Next-Gen software for fitness trainers

Reinventing personal training
Lead your business to the next era

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